Game Theory: Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?

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Fallout 4 is coming…and I can’t wait. So while I wait for the newest installment in the Fallout series, let me tell you a tale of a young Fallout fan named GatorMacheteJr. and the deal he made with Bethesda. He traded in BOTTLE CAPS for a pre-order of the game. But did he get his money’s worth? What did he ACTUALLY pay for his copy of Fallout 4? The answer is shocking!

Fallout 4, please come now!

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Fallout Shelter: Perfekter Start?! [Fallout Shelter Let’s Play #01 Deutsch Android]

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Fallout Shelter: Perfekter Start?! [Fallout Shelter Let's Play #01 Deutsch Android]

Herzlich Willkommen in Vault 015! Heute stelle ich euch das Android-Spiel Fallout Shelter in Vorbereitung für Fallout 4 vor. Da ich das Spiel schon etwas länger spiele, erhaltet ihr natürlich auch haufenweise Tipps und Tricks, wie ihr euren Shelter am Besten aufbauen könnt. Heute versuchen wir uns mal am perfekten Start, doch leider spielt da der Zufall eine ganz große Rolle…wird er auf unserer Seite sein?



Abonniere den Hobbit:





Allgemeiner Link für ALLE Einkäufe:
Meine Webcam:
Mein Studio-Mikro:
Mein Headset:

Kommt über diesen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für euch entstehen dabei selbstverständlich keine Mehrkosten.

Fallout Shelter ist ein Free to Play Smartphone-Spiel von Bethesda für iOS und Android-Handys in Vorbereitung auf den neuen RPG-Kracher Fallout 4. Der Spieler schlüpft dabei in die Rolle des Vault-Aufsehers, rekrutiert Bewohner aus dem Ödland und erschafft sich mit ihnen gemeinsam einen eigenen Vault. Das ist aber noch nicht alles. Ihr baut verschiedenste Räume, sorgt für Strom, Nahrung und Wasser, wehrt Raider und Todeskrallen-Angriffe ab, sammelt Kronkorken und schickt sogar eigene Vault-Bewohner zurück ins Ödland, um euch mit Ressourcen, Kronkorken und Ausrüstung wie Waffen und Outfits zu versorgen.
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Fallout Shelter: 2 new Vaults (Super Cheat-y Vault 500 and a little boost with Vault 10)

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Fallout Shelter: 2 new Vaults (Super Cheat-y Vault 500 and a little boost with Vault 10)

Back again, with more Vault saves for you folks.

Now there is a total of 14 save files to choose from, so pick your poison and have a blast. Nuclear, that is…

Link to my site, to download any of my files:

Vault 10 – 1000 of Everything (Really, just 1000 of all the stuff I can edit. Resources, Caps, Lunchboxes, Pet Carriers…etc)

Vault 500 – 1M Caps, 1M Resources (Power, Water, Food), 100K Quantums, 10K Lunchboxes, 10K Pet Carriers, 1K Mr Handy Bots, 1K Starter Packs and 10K Stims and Radaway

Be sure to smash that like button if the saves worked for you, and subscribe if you’d like to see more hacks, games and other cool stuff.

Also, any suggestions for new games? Indie Games? Games you would like to see hacks for? Leave me a comment below and I’ll certainly take a look.
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Fallout Shelter (250 pet carriers, for free!) Vault 595 save hack

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New save for you guys, with a bunch of pet carriers.

This is a remake of vault 548 survival edition, with like 1BIL caps, 20k lunchboxes, 100+ Mr. Handy bots and now, 250 pet carriers.

Download –

Hit that like button if the save works for you, sub it up if you want to see more vids, and if you’re feeling generous you can donate to the cause on my website. Donations are through PayPal, so you know your info is secure.

As always, thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the hacks.

Hack para Fallout Shelter PC Monedas y Cajas Infinitas Full Español

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Fallout Shelter: 17 Tips & Tricks

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Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter remains one of our favorite mobile games of the year – despite some fairly hefty flaws and a frustrating lack of end-game.

We’re hoping that the success of this freemium offering means that Bethesda will fix the issues (Deathclaws and Mole rats really don’t cut it, guys), but that hasn’t stopped us religiously checking in to gather the latest weapons and outfits ever since it arrived.

So, if you’re new to the game or you’ve been playing for a while, here are our favorite tips and tricks.
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Fallout Shelter Beginner Tips: 19 Quick Tips for New Overseers

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See More:
Fallout Shelter Beginner Tips
Samsung Galaxy S6 / Android 5.0.1 Lollipop
Video Published: 9/30/2015

This video will quickly show you 19 tips for beginning Fallout Shelter, the mobile game from Bethesda. If you’re new to the game and you’re starting your very first vault, these easy tips will help you out.

Below are the tips shown in the video. If you have any of your own to share, be sure to let us all see them in the comments below!

#1 Plan for Expanded Rooms

The first tip is to plan for expansion. Rooms can be expanded three spaces wide, so build downward with elevators when starting your vault. Expanded rooms are more efficient than multiple separated rooms.

#2. Get Rid of Laziness

Look at your dweller list and find any that are on a coffee break. These dwellers do nothing but suck up resources. Put them to work.

#3. Don’t Over Populate

Remember not to overpopulate. You will need more dwellers to build more rooms, but don’t try getting more dwellers if you don’t have any jobs for them or if you’re struggling with food and water.

#4. Don’t Build too Fast

Like the dwellers, don’t build faster than you can populate. Rooms will do nothing if they are empty, and they will still drain power. Running out of power will start shutting down rooms that you are still trying to use.

5. Upgrade Your Rooms

Don’t forget, upgrading your rooms will increase their productivity and storage amount.

6. Training SPECIAL

Find what a dweller’s good at and train up his SPECIAL stat to max, then send him back to work.

7. Luck is Good for Everyone

Luck is the best secondary stat, so it’s good to train everyone in luck. It will increase success rates of rushing and increase looting out in the wasteland.

8. Arm Everyone

Try to get a gun in every dwellers hand as soon as you can. Any weapons with a 0-1 stat can just be sold since their hands do the same damage anyway.

9. Don’t Count on the Pregnant to Fight

Don’t bother arming the pregnant dwellers. In the state of emergency, they will run and hide. You wouldn’t want to put them in danger anyway, would you?

10. Dress Everyone Up

Along with arming the dwellers, you should put on outfit on them at compliments their SPECIAL stat. Also, even if it doesn’t show it, their SPECIAL will still increase when it’s maxed.

11. Ready Your Defenders

Equip two high level dwellers with your two best weapons and have them ready to rush to the vault door incase an enemy attacks. You can upgrade the vault door’s defense to give them a little more time.

12. Making Babies Makes Happiness

If you need to make some dwellers happy, send them to the living quarters to make a baby. This takes their happiness to 100% instantly.

13. Plan Your Children’s SPECIAL

When choosing dwellers to make babies, their stats will effect the offspring. If you need another dweller with high strength, have two dwellers with strength make a baby.

14. No Incest Allowed

Try not to mate the same dwellers too much, it may cause problems in the future. Dwellers in the same family will not make babies together.

15. Wasteland Adventure

The wasteland is a great way to collect weapons, gear, caps and experience. Ready your exploring dwellers with endurance so they last longer. Luck will increase their loot. Give them stimpaks and RADaways so they can go further.

16. Wasteland SPECIAL Stats

Though endurance and luck are obvious musts for exploring, other stats have been noted to improve their performance in the wasteland. Keep that in mind.

17. Keep Everyone Happy

The Radio Tower with high charisma dwellers will improve the overall happiness of your vault. Be careful though, this will also increase deathclaw attacks.

18. Manage Your Storage

If you don’t need more storage rooms, don’t make them. First go through and make sure all the dwellers have a weapon and the right outfit, then sell extra gear you won’t be using.

19. Take it Slow

Don’t be in a race to build a huge vault. Once you get the training rooms, start rotations and try to increase your dwellers SPECIALs and their level before you bring in a huge population.

That’s all the Fallout Shelter tips for this video, if you have any of your own to add, leave them in the comments so we can all see them!

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Fallout Shelter Tips! #7 Which rooms should I build first?
This series of Fallout Shelter tutorials will teach you how to move from being an absolute beginner to a pro! This Fallout Shelter guide will teach you tips and tricks to help you improve your vault strategy. This fallout shelter tutorial will help you create a bigger and better vault to become the ultimate overseer! This tutorial focuses specifically on Which rooms should I build first?

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Adi’s Fallout 3 Roleplay Series!

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This video is in no way associated or approved by the developers or publishers and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.
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Fallout Shelter [PC] | Cap. 1: “La historia del Refugio 27…”

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– Bitácora nº1 –
Esto es una serie, serie que se grabara hasta que el refugio caiga… de hacerlo y dependiendo de lo que digan, se creara otro refugio, otros let’s plays en el canal tendrán obviamente mas prioridad que estos vídeos, pero como es una app que puedo grabar en cualquier momento, pues lo subo, Un saludo!
fallout, shelter, fallout shelter, fallout saga, parte, capitulo, refugio, vault, dweller, vaultdweller, hvn73r, hunterjones canal, fallout 4, supervivencia, modo, hardcore, español, comentado, gameplay, walkthrough, pc
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Come with me for the Fallout Shelter – Newest Update 1.6 Update.
This includes:
Fallout Shelter Quests
Fallout Shelter Overseer’s Office

Official words: For the one Year Anniversary Vault-Tec engineers have been working overtime to create our biggest update EVER.
– Introducing Quests! Now you can travel OUTSIDE the Vault with your Dwellers to explore new locations! Vault-Tec is not responsible for lost time, or Dwellers.
– Explore the Wasteland like never before. Abandoned Buildings, Red-Rocket, Super Duper Mart and more.
– New and Improved combat gives you more control over your Questing Dwellers.
– Battle new enemies like Ghouls and Radscorpions and take on powerful boss enemies.
– New items added to the store including the Vault-Tec approved Starter-Pack and a variety of Nuka-Cola Quantum bundles to hasten your adventures.
– Please find Paula.

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Fallout Shelter – Como Ter Tudo no Max [Caps/Comida/Personagens/Special/ETC]

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